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10 Good Habits From Professor Steve Peters

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We have read the book by Professor Steve Peters “Silent Guides” and collected useful habits for you that will help you rewire your brain and think more positively.

  1. Smile. Facial expression and mood are closely related to each other. Smiling can improve mood and relationships.
  2. Learn to forgive. Forgiving yourself is important. Learn to apologize yourself. Understand that it’s not only the apology that matters, but understanding the reason why you did the wrong.
  3. Do good deeds without any hidden conditions. To be kind is to feel good.
  4. Talk about your feelings. Vocalizing your emotions helps to put things in order in your head.
  5. Ask for help when needed. The secret to success is asking the right person for a specific action.
  6. Show good manners. This simple act can result in overall well-being, self-confidence, and improved relationships with others.
  7. Try new things. New hobbies have a positive effect on physical and psychological health.
  8. Learn to find the right words for your feelings. This will help you weed out non-constructive emotions.
  9. Learn to share. This healthy habit helps to forge and maintain friendships, builds experience, improves interpersonal skills, and develops cooperation.
  10. Do it right. We all need to do tasks that we are not very happy with: cleaning the house, washing the dishes, working on a boring project. So, no matter how unpleasant it may be, it is important to learn how to do these things from beginning to end. Such routine activities build willpower and self-control.

Most importantly, remember to read. Read every day.

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