FIFA 18 and its relationship with Nintendo Switch

Everyone, absolutely everyone knows the terrifying love story that EA and Nintendo have had over time. Although, the sport games that have appeared in the consoles of Nintendo have not been all the good ones (speaking of the soccer games and of American football), EA has had some successes; such as FIFA 07 for the Gameboy Advance and … just that one.

Did you know?

Did you know that EA launched FIFA 14 for Nintendo Wii, which was so good for many players that EA decided to reuse this game and only change the name of some players and stadiums, make changes in lineups to present it as FIFA 15 for Nintendo Wii U?

The story continues with FIFA 18?

Of course, EA still leaves the Nintendo gamers with a bad taste in their mouth. Why? Because he presented FIFA 18 for Nintendo Switch incompletely and without the features of its Xbox One and PS4 counterparts. Also, Joy-Con control is not used correctly.

It would be interesting to know if EA plans to implement the use of Nintendo Labo in FIFA 19 … we will have to wait to see if they do, but we will review that next week.

However, FIFA 18 coins for Nintendo Switch has swept sales. In fact it positioned itself as the number 1 sales game for several weeks; above Mario Odissey and The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild … OMG!

What is our verdict? Our verdict is that EA should pay more attention to the owners of Nintendo Switch and 3DS and 2DS as well, since it is leaving aside a large part of the gamer market, which is also a lover of football video games.

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