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Ways to improve your sleep

When you find yourself in a period of having bad nights of sleep it might feel like that just will not end. Not weird, because after a night of bad sleep you are most probably already ‘’scared’’ for the following night; what if… you will have a bad night of sleep again? Eventually this will become a vicious circle, because believe us, when you are already thinking you will not be able to sleep, you will not be able to sleep. Having bad nights of sleep has negative side effects; you will not feel rested and motivated the day after and it is bad for your mental state. Luckily, you have found our blog; we would like to provide some tips and tricks to get your good sleep back and make sure that you’ll have the night of sleep you deserve. 


Tea that makes you sleep

Maybe you heard of it before; drinking a cup of tea before heading to bed might make you feel more sleepier and therefore will have an increased effect on how you sleep that night. Nowadays, tea companies even go a step further, introducing sleeping tea. This tea is provided with substances that will make you feel more tired and can give you a great night of sleep! 


Head to bed… again

A trick where you do not extra materials or products for; go to bed again. When you are experiencing a night that just won’t end because you see every hour on the clock, please follow this advice; go to bed again. Go out of bed, make a cup of tea, use the bathroom, take a seat on your couch and drink your tea. When you finish your tea, you will go to the bathroom again, kind of fooling your own body. When the bathroom has been used, you will go to bed again, pretending it is the first time. Chances are big that you will fall asleep easier; you break the pattern of lying in bed and not being able to sleep.  


CBD oil

When the above tips are not doing it for you, there are a lot of substances and oils that might help you fall asleep more easily. For example, you could use CBD OIL; this oil has a relaxing effect, which makes it easier to fall asleep. When you are aiming for this, you should definitely try 24High. They sell the perfect CBD oil within their CBD shop (did you know that they also have 5 other shops such as a Smartshop?)