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What are the advantages of a mezzanine floor?

What are the advantages of a mezzanine floor? 

A mezzanine floor or mezzanine floor, you’ve probably heard of it, but what exactly it is, what it entails or what it is intended for, you may not be able to explain clearly. That is not a problem. That is exactly why we have written this blog. We’ll be covering the benefits of a mezzanine floor. 


From opera to current use  

Mezzanine originates from the Italian language and means ‘between’; you can think of a mezzanine floor as an intermediate or extra floor that is built within the current space. The first mezzanine floors were built in the opera (think of the balconies). A mezzanine floor can be found in a great many places. In flats, retail shops, libraries, but also in working environments such as a warehouse or storage. The possibilities are endless and by hiring a professional to design it, it can also look beautiful.  


Creating extra space 

In some cases, a mezzanine floor is a real must, especially when there is a lack of space. Think for example of the space in a warehouse, with the current growth of online shops, more and more storage are needed. Warehouses that seemed to have enough room for growth five years ago are now fuller than ever and can’t expand any more. When you have a mezzanine floor installed, you can solve this shortage of space quite easily. Mezzanine floors create a whole extra floor within the space, which doubles the possibilities for storage. 


Cheaper than moving

Of course, an investment in a mezzanine floor is not cheap, but it often turns out to be a much better investment than moving to another building. On average, companies have earned back their investment in a mezzanine floor within two years. With a relocation, this takes five to sometimes ten years. Does such a mezzanine floor seem a good solution to your space problem? Then take a look at Mezzanine vloer. This specialist in the field of mezzanine floors has the best possibilities and can think along with you.